Facebook Page Promotion and Post Boosting

Facebook Page Boosting and Promotion

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Facebbok Page Boosting and Promotion
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YouTube Boosting by bKash

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Those days are gone when Facebook used to show the posts on your business page to a liberal number of people based on their interests. Social media has been taken away at organic reach fast in their past few years. Moreover, it’s hard to reach your target audience without spending your money.

Have a planned goal in place

Firstly, it’s important to understand what is the need to appear or promote a post on social media. There are many reasons to boost a post such that- increasing brand awareness, increasing brand engagement, boosting website traffic, promoting new contents or blog posts. Companies can expend money fast boosting a post, so having a particular goal in the plan is important to use the money beneficially.

To know which content is interesting to people, you can use the Facebook Insights Platform. Then, you can go to the business manager and click insights to see your posts. Looking for the posts that have the highest number of engagement, find out them.

It’s easy to boost a post but hard to successfully boost one. The solution depends on who you are targeting. Based on the target, companies have the capability to target anyone they want. When boosting a post, Facebook offers different targeting options such as-

  • Audience 
  • People in your local area
  • Location
  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Interest 

If the post is based on information that is only appropriate to current fans, it’s important to target only those people. Similarly, if the goal is to interconnect with potential new customers, that needs to be reflected in the focusing.

Time is another part to keep in mind while boosting. For companies, that have an active Facebook account, should know what times and days their audience is online. It helps to test our posting at various times of the week to get knowledge when their users are most active and when they are not.

Using a high-quality image or video is important. When boosting a post, especially to the users who might not be intimidated with the brand, the image will be the first and major thing they see. So it needs to be eye-catchy and charming at the same time.

Facebook offers many advertising options. When they make it easy to boost a post it is necessary to know what choice they have and see if there is one better fit for the target audience.

Such as, if getting Facebook likes is a goal, Facebook offers the ‘‘Promote Your Page’’ ad. This type of ad is much more successful at getting page likes than a boosting page would.

To increase your fanbase, invite people who have liked your boosted post to like your page. If you want to do that click on the like symbols of your post and send invites from the window that pops up.

If you want to get a better idea to know what posts are more effective, try boosting different kinds of content. Relevant contents are always great for boosting. So, you can try creating different types of ads.

There are tools that can help you to smooth your workflow. Many social media scheduling tools come with an automated boost feature. So they can help you save time and boosts up your posts based on the performance. 

Once you have boosted many posts, it’s important to evaluate and compare them. So you can get an idea about which type of posts to boost more in the future. Luckily, Facebook makes it easier for you. You can easily go to the business manager and see a list of all your boosts and their performance.

With the rapidly increasing competition, making good ads will just get more difficult. The only solution to persuade is to have better organic reach. Here we’re sharing some tricks to increase your Facebook posts organic reach.

Facebook algorithms are getting more intellectual. They can differentiate between promotional posts and non-promotional posts. Facebook is a relaxed social platform. If you want to get better organic traffic from your Facebook posts, it’s better to publish instructive content and blog posts as regularly as possible more than sale posts.

Linked posts are more probable to get better attraction and engagement than just posts or images. Though images used to be more powerful on Facebook before but now links posts are getting more friction.

Videos are difficult to produce but it gives solid engagement. Statistics show that video posts have more than 135% organic reach. So you should consider using native video posting to increase traffic.

You should consider the quality of Facebook. A study shows that Facebook page with 10,000 followers enjoyed more reach. To analyze your business type and your number of followers.

This is a strategic move because once you find your partners, start cross-promoting each other’s content. It is more likely to open doors for your target audience for you.

Facebook is a social media and it’s wise enough to work with its way of thing. Organic reach is an important thing in getting traffic. So there you have different ways and tips to increase the organic reach. Even if you go on executing half of them, we can assure you that you can double your organic reach.

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