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BoostUp Ads is one of the most trusted Facebook Advertising Agency in Bangladesh. We’re a suitable selection if you’re looking for your powerful option to connect with and reach the customer. We have great experience in Facebook Marketing. We have served more than 500+ Micro-Entrepreneurs from zero to successful. Our experts special trained up in social media marketing.

If you’re looking for Facebook Marketing in Dhaka, Bangladesh then we can be the best option for you.

Social Media Marketing - Engagement

Steps of Facebook Advertisement

First of all, you need to decide what you will be advertising on Facebook & what is objective. Facebook is an amazing tool because the system is extremely user friendly and it allows you to be creative with the way you can deliver messages, images, and videos. Many businesses are using this as their primary channel of advertising and reaching their target market. However, you must follow certain guidelines before you run your campaign. Read this article to learn how to use Facebook in your business to get better ROI and understand the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

You should not only focus on creating an advertisement that you will use to drive traffic to your website. You should also learn how to develop content for Facebook Ads. This will help you with the details of promoting your site.

When you are planning to launch Facebook ads for your business, you have to make sure that you are able to give your target audience what they want. One of the most popular social media platforms nowadays is Facebook, and this is what you have to consider when you want to be responsive during Facebook ads. The good thing about it is that you can reach a lot of people through Facebook, and this means that you will not run out of buyers.

While there are many other factors to consider when deciding how much to spend on Facebook, analyzing and adjusting your ad’s budget is an important part of planning your campaign. Even if you have a sizable budget to work with, it’s still important to examine how that money will be spent to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

What We Will Do For You?

We’re technical in providing you assistance using the daily management, executing best methods through Facebook Advertising.

  • Branding is the most important part of the business. For long term business, it helps you to recognize your specialty.
  • If you want a network or audience for business then there is the main solution reaching. More reach more is known.
  • In the end, you want a good ROI. So you must need potential customers. That’s Lead Generation our target.
  • Ever thought about how to increase page likes? Yes, it is possible, and with the right strategies that will work. In this article, We are going to help you the right way to get more than you bargained for. You don’t have to be an expert at anything or have a ton of money to really benefit from this, in fact, this will work for you if you are willing to give it a shot.
  • In order to build your own online business, you can boost your post to drive traffic to your website, you can start by finding a way to boost your posts on Facebook. By joining Facebook and increasing your reach with posts, you can give yourself the visibility you need to be successful. The basic idea is for the purpose of boosting your traffic and getting more visitors.
  • Doing Online Marketing is all about getting your audience to engage with you. The purpose of Facebook Post Boosting is to generate more people to your page. It’s a great way to extend your reach, driving new people to your website.
  • How to Increase Brand Reputation by Quality Facebook Ads? This is a question many people have when they first begin to advertise on Facebook. Well, the following article will show you how to create Facebook ads that are going to produce the results you are looking for.
  • You can increase App download by Facebook Ads by ensuring that your ad copy provides the right impression for a particular audience. In addition, you should focus on focusing your offer on the right type of users by providing an appealing picture or video that enhances your product or service.
  • Facebook Retargeting is one of the most powerful marketing techniques you can use to help your business become successful. Retargeting Marketing is one of the many advertising tools that Facebook is offering its users.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

BoostUp Ads provides Hassle-free Facebook advertising by bKash payment.

For online order: Facebook Ads

The Facebook SEO (On-page set up & optimization) is necessary to attract customer. We design the service for those who don’t have time or don’t have enough knowledge on the professional look of the business page.

Visit this page for order: Facebook Page Setup and Optimization

We take 3000 Taka for Facebook Page Setup and Optimization as a service charge.

Service cost: 1000 Taka

Inbox on our Facebook Page for order, payment should be in the prepaid model.

We offer Facebook Logo Design: 1000 Taka & Facebook Cover: 1000 Taka.

Inbox on our Facebook Page.

Eye-catching articles more attract people. Your money can be wasted if the content is not good. So we offer Post design for a boost with content. We collect pictures & videos from our clients.

We offer Facebook Cover Video Design for 4000 Taka.

Inbox us for details on our Facebook page.

We offer Facebook Business Page Maintain. You can visit the page Facebook Business Page Maintenance for details. If you have any queries don’t feel hesitate to inbox us.

Facebook Advertising in Bangladesh by BoostUp Ads

Facebook Boosting Cost in Bangladesh

We follow two systems for Facebook advertising costs. Package System which is fixed rate and another as per you go. We follow the prepaid model. There is no option for post-paid. If your balance is empty the ads will be off or paused.

 Facebook Promotion and Boosting

Facebook Ads Management Packages

Service Policy

  • Advanced method: Lookalike, custom ads with database & Pixel code for a website.
  • Support: Responsive live chat support  (Phone support available only for Enterprize clients) N.B: We don’t provide any database.
  • Payment Model: Prepaid
  • Ad Delivery: Within Duration (No Instant Service)
  • Payment Method: bKash, Bank, Payoneer & Skrill (Skrill only for UK & Europe)
  • After complete the ads, we delete them from the ad manager within 12 hours for technical reasons so all history & tracking by yourself only. No data will provide for the future after complete the ads.
  • Strictly follow the Facebook Policy and BoostUp Ads Guidelines.
  • No affiliate, CPA, gambling, adult, political & violence type ads allowed.
    Before order: Read our FAQ Terms & Conditions
  • Approximate reach depends on your ad objective, content, location, gender, age & interest.
  • If you want to boost by our choice then simply visit our direct boosting order page then select & pay within 24 hours our experts will run your ad as you want.
  • If you don’t have any knowledge of Facebook boosting then use BoostUp’s Choice. Our experts will run your ad campaign according to your content and objective.
  • Ad Delivery: Within Duration (No Instant Service)
  • Facebook Ads Packages (Dollar or Equal Currency)

Prediction on reach according to cost

  • Ad Objective: Reach
  • Reach: 0.25$- 4K reach
  • Post Engagement: Per Dollar: 2K-4.5K reach
  • Message conversion: Per Dollar: 1.2K-3.5K reach
  • Video views: Per Dollar: 1K-3K views

PN.B.: This is a prediction for the “Reach” objective only but other objectives may vary.


Facebook Advertising FAQ's

Normally Facebook allows $1 or 85 Taka per day minimum. But Facebook takes time to optimize for a good result at least 4 days. BoostUp Ads offers Facebook Ads management service and advertising services, check our packages. Facebook Marketing cost is now more expensive than before. Bangladesh & other countries imposed VAT & TAX. VAT 15%, Service charge 20% of the amount, Transaction cost 2% on overall amount, will be added with the current dollar rate.

For Facebook Boosting cost 1$ = 85 Taka + (15% VAT) 12.75 Taka + (20% SC) 19.55 Taka + (TC 2%) 2.346 Taka.

Yes. We do local & global boosting.

No. BoostUp Ads is a platform where you can use our Business Manager & Ad Manager for your campaign. We can give direction but no guarantee. It totally depends on your content, product, service, etc.

Yes but not separately. If your Instagram page or profile connects with the Facebook Business page then we can target only the Instagram audience.

No. BoostUp Ads totally online service provider agency. We don’t allow any cash or office visits. Everything will be through the website. There is no issue for trust in everything documented. We feel annoying to listening to this kind of question. We successfully served 500+ Micro-Entrepreneurs.

Usually, 1-3 hours but we can take up to 24 hours. But if there is any technical problem from us or Facebook then we will inform you.

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