How to Boost a Facebook Post – All Facts You Must Know

What is Facebook post boosting?

Facebook posting can be a great way to reach your target audience. It shows your content and posts to the exact people you want. Here we can show you some tips and tricks on how to boost Facebook posts. We will help you to use effectively Facebook boost post button for better ROI(return on investment).

What Does Boosting a Facebook Post Do?

If you boost one of your posts, it will be seen by more people by paying Facebook for its boost distribution. A Facebook boosted post is a kind of paid advertising method of Facebook.

Why do you need Facebook post boosting?

I think you may spend a lot of time while posting any content on Facebook. But if you cannot reach your desired audience, it is impossible to get enough return on investment. That’s the reason why the Facebook boost post button is for. Now you may ask what a Facebook boost post button is. It means a smart way to get more attention from people to your content. We’ll show you how to use the best of this feature. Boosted posts are advertised on your Facebook page. Boosting your posts helps you to get more likes, comments, and shares. It also helps you reach a new audience who may find your page useful but currently don’t know about you.

What does a Facebook boost post include?

You can boost everything on Facebook like any announcement, business-related advertisement, or promotion. There are three variables in Facebook boost post features-


You can set who can see your posts after boosting and who cannot. You can include age, gender, location, and interests. There is also an option for customizing your audience based on your need.


You can control your budget with how much you want to pay.


You can run your ad at any particular time or in a fixed duration in a day.

How does it cost to boost on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook costs money, but how much does it cost? It depends on your need, spend as much money as you need; you can pay per ad or pay per click even you can set the budget according to your need. Any amount from $1 to unlimited can be applied. You can run a campaign a week for $7 per day; at minimum you can spend $1. For your every budget, you can target your desired audience. The number of your target audience may vary from region to region, gender to gender, or interest to interest. You can experiment on your own by using the variables to know how much Facebook boosting may cost.

How to boost your post on Facebook?

Creating a custom audience 

Creating a custom audience can help your post to reach the target audience. For this purpose, you’ll have to make a list of your customers using e-mails, phone numbers, or mail ids. You can do this using a custom audience sync tool. You can create a custom audience based on your website. You can customize your posts based on the audience engaged with your posts or visit your posts, videos, or any event. So creating the right audience for your business can be greatly helpful to boost your posts.

Select your post

If you have a post that is already performing well, Facebook will automatically choose them for boosting. If you wish to boost a new post immediately, you can do the same procedure. But you need to make sure that it is performing well in front of your target audience.

Target your custom audience

This step is about how to boost your post to your target audience. You’ll be taken to a menu where you can choose targeting options. You can include only people who recently liked or viewed your posts or all your followers and friends. You can also click to create a new audience option. After that, you’ll have the ability to custom your audience the way you want.

Having a planned budget

After customizing your audience, you need to set your budget. The minimum budget for Facebook boosting is $1 per day. Test the initial campaign for your process. Then analyze the result, and you’ll get to know if you want to spend more money to reach more people or not.

Length of your campaign

Decide when you want to run your post. You can choose one day, seven days, or 14 days, It’s up to your choice. You can also add a specific date to run your post.

Preview your post

Now it’s time to review your posts. Make your ad creative and error-free. Make sure your ad visually looks creative and attractive. This is the last chance before you boost your post. Don’t neglect this step. View the ad as the audience will see it.

Select your payment option 

Facebook accepts all kinds of payment methods. Fill in your details on how you want to pay.


Your post is ready to boost. Facebook takes some to review ads, which is okay with their policy. You can check the status of the post you’ve recently boosted anytime you want.

What kind of posts should you boost?

Share meaningful update

If your content is related to your business or product, you must stay in touch with your audience. Use short, captivating, and attractive posts and images to boost.

Get more attention to your special post.

After publishing your post, pin it to your page to bring more attention to your target audience. If you pin a post, it will appear at the top of your page. So it will be easier for you to attract the audience.

Promote news or special discount

Boost posts which are about your business news or any discount on your page. Invite them to like your page or any event on your page.

Some tips for Facebook boost

Here are some tips for your Facebook boost post.

Focus on your goal

Firstly target your goal. Ask yourself, what do you want? Do you want more traffic or more page likes? Or brand awareness is the main focus of yours. Know your goal and ask CTA( craft a call to action) for help. It can measure your work effectiveness.

Experiment your work

You can boost your post to different demographics to sow their performance. You can categorize your audience based on location, age, gender to know your brand’s parameter.

Increase your audience as much as you can

Narrow your parameters so that your specific posts may appear to the relevant audience.

Avoid running the same ad.

Initially successful also declined after a week of running. It can also seem annoying to people if they see the same ad again and again. That’s why try to avoid running your boosted posts for a long time.

Experiment and compare your ads

Experiment your ads with other promoted ads and posts, with different types of content, audience, and duration. The more you learn about your ads, the more you will know how to boost posts. You’ll be able to know how effective your ads are for the audience.

Automatically boost posts

This option will save a lot of your time; you can set up a customizable number of likes, comments, and shares. You can also set a keyword, and it will automatically boost your post.

Is Boosting a Facebook post worth it?

Boosting a Facebook post is worth it if you properly boost it following some tips and tricks. Boosting posts can automatically get better engagement organically. Boosting posts contain important notices and announcements or promotions. You can boost your best Instagram ad as a Facebook ad.

Benefits of boosting a post

Facebook boost post is often said as a tool that marketers must have if they want to reach an organic platform. Facebook has been a competitive place for business people to broadcast their content and run their business more effectively. Increasing sales and low-cost marketing. Here we are describing some benefits of a Facebook post boosting.

Increasing engagement 

Everything that we see happens on Facebook is determined by a Facebook algorithm. The person who can easily catch the Facebook algorithm can get success. The posts which have more likes, comments, and shares are more probable to appear in the people’s newsfeed. Because the more people see the ad, the more Facebook is making money. If you boost a post that is already organically reached to the target audience, you are triggering the same Facebook algorithm. It may hamper appearing in the people’s newsfeed.

Reach to the target audience 

With the help of Facebook boosting, it can reach your post to the target audience. It also helps to reach a wider audience. Those who aren’t subscribers of your page can also see the posts of your page. You can also set a parameter whom you want to show your posts and whom you don’t want to show your posts.

Increase the value of content

If you boost your posts, you’re adding some extra value to your posts. The organic result of your posts will show the result to your audience. Boosting your posts on Facebook allows you to have the best of your post and budget.

Test content cheaply

Boosting posts on Facebook is a cost-effective task. For a test, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to boost your post. You can boost any of your posts at a cheap rate. The least will cost you $7 for a week.

Boost at any target audience 

You can boost your posts to any audience you want to show. It is a very effective step. You can custom your audience based on your need. Such as the people who liked your posts visit your page. This is greatly helpful in running your business effectively.

Ease of use

After clicking the boost post button, your post will automatically live instantly; you don’t need to do anything about that. It will soon start reaching more and more people. You can boost posts such as- messages, images, websites, links, etc.


You have the control to manage your posts after boosting. You can boost another post instead of the previous one.

Access to analytics 

You will get notified of the details of your boosted posts. You will see the clicks, reacts, comments, and shares of your posts. You can also boost another post of yours.

3 basic takeaways for Facebook boosting 

Boost popular posts

Don’t try to boost your every single post. Boost the posts that have already earned much appreciation from the people. It will help to meet a large group of audience. You can test a post’s popularity by publishing it on your own newsfeed or in any Facebook group.

Don’t use a call-to-action button for a cold audience. 

The costs become more when you use the call-to-action button. Boosted Facebook posts look like an organic Facebook post. If you add a call-to-action button, it won’t look like an organic Facebook post. It’s better to use Facebook post comment guard to lead from boosted posts.

Boosting posts is a part of the Facebook advertising strategy. 

Ensure to build a custom audience based on the people who are more engaged with your posts.

Final Thought

Facebook post boosting is one of the powerful tools that helps you to save your valuable time, increase your work time, and efficiency and make the most of your budget by helping you to automate your boosting. This article may help you to boost any of your posts. If You’re from Bangladesh the Facebook agency can help you to boost your post according to your demand.