FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This is also a terms & conditions for Facebook promotion and boosting services from BoostUp Ads Facebook Advertising Agency  to all users of boostupads.com

FAQ on Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook advertising per dollar cost at BoostUp Ads?

120 BDT per dollar including VAT + tax + transaction cost + and service charge.

What is the minimum package of Facebook Advertising at BoostUp Ads?

4 days and per day $ 1.25 or equivalent to another currency minimum.

What is the minimum amount of dollars for ads in one day?

You can boost unlimited a day in a post or promotion, but you can boost a minimum of $ 1.25 a day at least for 4 days.

How many likes will come per dollar?

This will depend on the target of your audience/interest. Non-target means any location across the country, at any age, comes richer and like. But targeted types like an only female or only doctor or 25-35 age group will come less. If not targeted, approximately 100-500 likes can come in per dollar. We don’t say Exact. We can say that we can try to bring the best result.

How much will reach per dollar?

Targeted types such as only females or only doctors or 25-35-year-olds will come less. If not targeted, the per dollar can be approximately 1000-2500 reach, we do not say exactly.

How long does it take to be a boost?

Or if there is any problem, we will inform you within 24 hours.

What is the ordering process of Facebook ads at BoostUp Ads?

You need to add our BoostUp Ads’ agent ID at the page roll of your Facebook page. You can order directly by filling out the form with details on our website. Order link included agent ID: Facebook Promotion and Boosting

Do you have to pay before or after?

BoostUp Ads follows the prepaid system. You have to pay first.

Why is the dollar rate/charge so high?

Our facility a little more we set up targets, and for scheduled boosting posts, we have advanced ad features like look-a-like with messenger ads. And we boost in a completely legal way. So our charge seems to be higher.

Do I need to add BoostUp Ads ID agent to the page roll to order Boost every time?

No, you have to add it once. If you do not remove BoostUp Ads agent from your page roll, you will need to add it again.

If there is BoostUp Ads Agent ID, will there be a problem with the Facebook page?

No, because the BoostUp Ads agent ID lasts up to the maximum editor. BoostUp Ads never visits/edits the page without order so there is no problem.

What do I do if I make a mistake in submitting the form?

Check your ad in the ad center or see this link on how to see Promotion / Boosting View. If something goes wrong, we need to let you know in the inbox before the ad runs.

Why can't I get a response from my Facebook ads?

  • Because your poster quality is not attracting people. Therefore, content pictures and video quality must be maintained well.
  • Facebook is unable to optimize the number of dollars or money you have invested in. If you run the ad for a minimum of 4 days, it is better to optimize Facebook.
  • Long content or writing increases the bounce rate, which means people click out on your ad.
  • Your product/service or post time is not useful or trendy so ad shows are happening but people are losing interest and vice versa.
  • Better to boost with 3-4 types of content pictures and videos.

If the page or post is not boosted, will I get my money back?

  • Yes, of course. However, no matter how much you boost, if it is not boosted, you will have to post again, following the Facebook policy, we will boost it. And if that doesn’t work in any way, we will deduct the 2$ service charge and adjust it to the number from which you sent the money in 1 to 3 days. If it is another number, you have to verify it through email, then the money will be adjusted by deducting the service charge.
  • If we can’t fulfill the order due to any problem of BoostUp Ads within 2 days, you will be informed and the full amount will be adjusted within 1-3 days.
  • If you order without following our restrictions, if the ad is not approved, you will not get money back. In that case, check the post/page with the support of our inbox.
  • BoostUp Ads is not responsible if the boosting is interrupted due to a technical error or update from Facebook. In this case, the customer has to bear the burden of his loss.

Do you boost worldwide?

Yes, we help to run Facebook ads worldwide.

Ads that we do not run

  • Please check the Facebook Policy: Facebook Policy
  • If any page/post is associated with Adult / Nudity etc.
  • Contains violence / provocative posts.
  • If not authentic news.
  • Gambling/hundi business-related.
  • Posts that insult caste/religion etc.
  • Additional written post.
  • A descriptive national image is written on 20%.
  • Any post/website/link of CPA Adult National.
  • Pictures, videos, or content like weight loss or more.
  • Photo/video taken with a human body part very close.
  • Pictures/videos that reveal privacy or shame.
  • Using images/videos or content that are not copyrighted.
  • Screencast or screenshot national image or video.
  • Under Garments, Inner Garments is a product with a picture of people.
  • Cosmetics products are content with a very close body (it can be face and face) content.
  • Body show to sell a product or service in a way that is physically appealing.
  • Content-based on approximate topics that are harmful to humans.
  • Large text, hyperlinks, or watermarks on the image.
  • If a post is repeatedly unapproved.
  • An astrologer or fortune teller.
  • Rejected or lifetime suspended pages from Boost Up.

Special Note: In case of technical problem in Facebook or Boost Up, Boosting may be slow or late and you have to order considering the issue, BoostUp Ads does not give a guarantee when the technical problem will come.

We welcome entrepreneurs but we do not have a boosting order outside of Facebook policy.